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In anticipation of Freedom Day

In anticipation of Freedom Day, there have been spontaneous demonstrations of party workers voicing their gratitude and joy.

The people came together in celebration of the Leader's policies...

... under the benign oversight of the Perpetual Revolutionary Guard.

Regrettably, as the zeal of the assembled masses reached fever pitch...

... an unfortunate incident occurred.

Thankfully, our brave comrades from Dissent Mediation were on hand...

... to restore order quickly and efficiently.

The system will heal itself.

o o o

Tags: freedom day, sh5, the great leader
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So if my birthday is 'freedom day' does that mean I can stick my cock in the leaders sweaty ear?
Would be nice if the e-flyers would be available a couple of weeks before the actual event... Me loves promoting stuff I likes (or would like if I could attend) but me no makes newsletter miracles. Capisce? ;)
great stuff!!
and looking forward to seeing you and Amelia
Happy Birthday Babe!