Brigand Angel Crew - a grand web clinger (operon) wrote,
Brigand Angel Crew - a grand web clinger

Back once again

Slaughterhaus Five -- Restoration

7th March 2009

Music from:

Lydia Dischordia, Mark 13, Operon, Miss Glitch

In the mix: Vex'd, Broken Note, Wasteland, Download, Scorn, Enduser, SPL, Antigen Shift, Mimetic, Black Lung, Shackleton, Architect etc. (that's just from me)

Visuals and performance:

Lucha Britannia, Sophia Landi, Finite State


Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser Street, London E2 9RF

£8 entrance, 9pm til late

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I'd love to come and hear your set but I'm afraid I'm not in London this weekend. Break a leg, buddy :)