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Respect my securitay

Thanks to aliasrob finding some LJ client scripts that actually work (pretty much) as advertised -- two hours of installing extra Perl modules not withstanding -- this journal is going friends-only.

Altogether too much make, make test, make install for one afternoon...

Apart from a few exceptions, I suspect, all future posts will be too -- so leave a comment here if you need adding.


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Emmie's mum here from South Africa - apparently you are coming over and will be spending a night in Swellendam - do come and see us, I'm sure she has given you our website adddress, which haas directions, address etc -but if not here it is: I gather you are already sorted for accommodation, shame, but we'd love to see you anyway!
Hi there! Amelia (gothique1) has been talking to a place in Swellendam but they've been really slack about getting back to her with a confirmation. If they don't come through we'll get back to you about whether you have a room free that night.

In any case though, we'd love to stop by and say hi, it's always nice to have friendly locals. What's your name? (So we don't have to turn up and ask for "Emmie's Mum"...)

I'm Amanda and my worser half is Dave. Do check out the website - and if the place you are trying to book n Swellendam doesn't get back to you then we would love to have you. We have only really got going in the last month or so, so we are by no means fully booked. Em says you are going to go to Bontebok Park If you like biking we have a couple you can borrow - (even if you aren't staying with us, its no problem.) They are not brilliant mountain bikes or anything, but it can be a very good way to see BOntebok Park, as it is mostly very flat. If you like walks etc, there is also the Marloth Mountain reserve, and the hiking trail for this starts very near to our house. Come and see us anyway - it'll be great to meet you. (Please add me as a friend.)
Thanks for the tips, much appreciated. Amelia says the other place did confirm with her, which is actually a bit of a shame now I've seen your website..!

I love cycling, that would be really nice, thanks. I can't remember which day we are in Swellendam, think it's the 23rd, but will let you know before we leave, and come and say hi when we get there.

Have added you, sorry, forgot last time -- I only check in here about once a week though these days.

See you soon,

Aha, have just read your web page, guess you're Amanda then :-)


Just checking if you're the Cleggy that used to RPG in Oxleas Woods many years ago - if so, then you know my now ex, a Ms Kells. I'm accompanying Emmie to your B'day do tomorrow, so will find out then if you don't reply to this before then :)
haha! spotted you on flavio's post. i really enjoyed your birthday celebrations, especially helping to make some serious noise in the restaurant and watching you go all bashful *giggles* thanks for inviting me x
How are you?
Here I am giving myself even more ways for people to send me abuse!
Add me pls
Oi oi, happy new year!

It's been three weeks since you pinged me, that'll give you an idea of how often I check up on LJ... Hope things are cool and January isn't lying too heavily on you like an itchy grey blanket of skint.


... it is here, can you tell? ...
Hiya, it's Ciara! Amelia just found me here, so I shall add you too :) How's your ankle?
Hello from, err, three weeks in the past (or future or something).

This gives you an idea of how often I check my LJ :-)

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